Bad Credit Credit Cards - Comprehensive guide to credit repair.

Bad Credit Credit Cards

After Bad Credit, What?
You might be surprised to find out just how little it takes to jeopardize your good credit. One late payment may cause a potential creditor to balk. This is why consumer experts spotlight making all payments to all sources on time. A consistent, spotless payment history is the single most important factor in your credit record.

Once you have bad credit, for whatever reason, it will adversely affect many aspects of your life. There are, however, some ways to repair your credit, and obtaining a bad credit credit card is one of them. Realize that fees on these cards can be exorbitant. Typically, these cards charge an annual fee and have a higher interest rate.

Types of Bad Credit Credit Cards
Going online will give you access to the major credit bureaus and other organizations that offer consumers detailed information about bad credit credit cards. There are pre-paid cards, and stored value credit cards. Stored value means you determine the amount of "credit" on your card by the amount you send in to your card account, less any fees.

A common credit card for consumers who are considered poor risks, or have bad credit, is secured cards. These cards require you to open a savings account as security for your line of credit. Your credit line is a percentage, usually 50-100%, of the amount deposited to your savings account. Be careful if you are considering bad credit credit cards. Use them to charge small amounts, and pay the amounts in full each month. This is one way to start to rebuild your credit.

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