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Credit Cards With Bad Credit

You Can Get Credit Cards with Bad Credit
If you can go online to get consumer information about filling out credit card applications, do so. Be as knowledgeable as possible about questions you will be asked. You may fill out applications online, or on the phone, or in writing if an application has been mailed to you.

You can obtain credit cards with bad credit. There are many cards from many companies. Going online and examining terms before applying is wise. Be aware that with bad credit, you will pay higher rates and fees regardless of the company you choose to go with.

Kinds of Credit Cards
Secured cards, for those who want credit cards with bad credit, require you to open a savings account that covers your charges. Compare the annual percentage rate (APR) for each company's card; this is the interest you will pay on any unpaid balance. Pre-paid cards obviously allow you to charge up to the amount you have paid in advance for the convenience of using a card.

Stored value cards permit you to determine the amount of credit you have. By storing a specific amount in your account, minus any fees, you set your own credit limits. Many people can get credit cards with bad credit. Just realize that interest rates will be high, extra fees may apply, and credit limits will be low.

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