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Online Credit Report

Convenience of an Online Credit Report
The content of your credit report determines so many aspects of your life. That is why the financial experts emphasize obtaining copies of your report at least every year, and oftener, if possible. Contact the three major credit bureaus--Experian, Equifax, TransUnion--for copies.

By law, you are entitled to a copy of your report by mail or online. If you have a computer, the easiest thing to do is order an online credit report. Because of the confidentiality of the information, you cannot order a copy on the phone because the companies have no way to verify your identity.

Free Reports
Unless you are eligible for a free online credit report, there will be a charge for the copy you order. You will receive a free copy if you have had any adverse action taken against you within the last 60 days that is based on information contained in the report. This includes denial of employment, insurance, or credit.

You may also receive a free online credit report if you are on welfare, or if you are unemployed and intend to apply for employment within 60 days. Finally, if you have reason to believe your file contains inaccurate information due to fraud, you may be able to receive a free copy. Go online to ask the major reporting companies what procedure to follow.

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