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Federal law governs all the credit reporting agencies. The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) restricts those who can obtain your credit history to businesses having a "legitimate business need." Your landlord may receive a copy of your credit report; your father may not. Any business you have an account with may obtain a report; your co-worker may not.

Trans Union, as well as the other major agencies, provide many more important services to consumers than just issuing a credit report. Go online with any of the top credit bureaus, and you will have access to a wealth of financial advice, resources, and legal rights. If you are getting married, or getting divorced, companies such as Trans Union offer sound advice on how to deal with possible financial complications.

Credit Disputes
You have a right to dispute items in your credit file with any of the credit reporting agencies, Trans Union included. The agency has up to 30 days to go through the dispute process. If the item cannot be verified by the agency, it must be deleted.

If the agency's investigation does not resolve the dispute, you may add a consumer statement to your credit report. Other valuable information online includes how to remove your name from mailing lists, how to obtain a copy of your own credit report, and how to build good credit. Go online with any of the major credit reporting organizations and you will have access to questions and answers on many financial subjects.

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